Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello Kitty Times Five


If you know my Madeline, you know the following: she smiles nonstop (she has since birth), is dramatic to the max, and is infatuated with Hello Kitty. So with her third request in five years for yet another Hello Kitty birthday party, I was worried I wouldn't be able to find any new creative ideas. Thankfully I was wrong.

I came up with the idea for the invitation during a period of insomnia. The other side gave the party info. Lots of tracing and cutting, but I got to use glittery scrapbook paper and stickers. Not to mention pink ribbon.

I decorated the foyer with pink bows. I loved them so much they stayed around for a couple weeks after the party. I would have left them up longer, but then realized I'm not five years old anymore, and so shouldn't decorate my house long term as if I were.

I bought these plain white lanterns and decorated them as Hello Kitty. There is even pink glitter on the bow. These also stayed around for an extra couple weeks.

The flowers came from a local florist. I then decorated some flowers to look like Hello Kitty. Amazing what you can do with a little hot glue.

The party table. I swear that I hurriedly ironed the tablecloth- though this picture clearly shows I missed some spots.

Cake pops need a better name- something that involves the words labor and tedious. The amount of time it takes to eat one of these scrumptious pops is not at all relative to the time it took to make each one. (Did I mention these took a long time to make?)

Hello Kitty fruit arrangement. I just spray painted the bucket and used cookie cutters to cut the pineapple.

Hello Kitty bow pasta.

Artist I am not, but the kids loved them.

Madeline requested cupcakes this year instead of a cake. I used a vegan recipe for the cake and icing, so Lydia was able to eat them too.

Guests were decorated as kitties upon arrival, and could make beaded friendship bracelets. They also played Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty (of course!)

My baby girl- at least I have one child out of four that clearly looks like me.


The littlest kitty.

My "older" kitties.

My girls!

Madeline is about to be "surprised". I should explain that this was actually a surprise party. Madeline had told me weeks before that she wanted the party to be a surprise. Once everyone arrived, she would go upstairs to her room, the guests would hide, and then we would call her back downstairs and yell surprise. She was very serious about this part, and reminded me almost daily until party day that this was very important to her.

My boys. Handsome, aren't they?

Happy fifth birthday Madeline! You love kindergarten and your teacher; you amaze me nonstop with your incredible ability to read anything and everything; I love that adorable smile that takes over your entire body each and everytime. You still sneak into our room at night to get extra snuggles. You love Jesus and praise Him nonstop. You witness to all your friends, and ask Mommy nearly every day to ask their mommies if they will go to church with us. You teach me so much, baby girl. I love you!!