Monday, February 27, 2012

Good News Update

You know what feels really good? Leaving a doctor's appointment with a smile on your face. You know, instead of biting your tongue trying to fight back the tears so your three year old doesn't get scared and ask why mommy's crying. Lydia had appointments with two of her specialists last week, and both couldn't have gone better. Well, except for the part where the doctor looks baffled and explains, "It's a miracle! She's been healed!" Maybe one day. But on this day, her allergist decided to lower one of her asthma medications, and the neurologist was amazed at how quickly Lydia had responded to her seizure medication. She noticed what many others have said to me- it's like Lydia has awakened from a haze. She is more present and engaged in what's going on around her. She talks a lot more, and her vocabulary has probably tripled in the past month. Her preschool teachers say that she walks around and plays with toys instead of sitting and observing the other children the entire time. It's not to say she was a zombie- she is a very bright girl with loads of personality. It's just that she has multiplied those traits many times over since the seizures have been greatly decreased. The neurologist said that her EEG was so jam-packed of seizure activity, that her brain was constantly short circuiting (using very layman terms here). Now, she can actually focus uninterrupted, and it has made such a huge difference. To look at her, you would have very little idea how much she has overcome, and still deals with on a daily basis. I am just so very thankful for her, and for how many ways God has blessed her. I cry every time I really sit and think about it.

One thing the neurologist mentioned- and I was pretty much shocked by it- is that Lydia qualifies for Make A Wish. I, as I'm sure most people do, usually think of children with terminal illness qualifying for this charity. Such a possibility had never even crossed my mind. My initial response was a mixture of Wow, that's depressing- and Wow, that's awesome! I mean, if any good can come out of all she's been through, then bring it on! Then, my feet quickly hit the ground, and I realized two things: first, that at this stage in her life it would be our wish, not hers, and second- she is doing so well medically speaking at this point, and (other than the occasional tantrum because she doesn't understand her food allergy restrictions,) has really no idea that she has medical issues. She isn't going through chemo, or enduring weekly hospital visits. So we aren't going to pursue that avenue any time soon- but it is kind of cool to know it's there. It's a charity that you pray you never have to use, but is such a blessing to those who need it.

So to sum it all up, Lydia takes a lot of medication every day and wears a pretty darn cute medical alert bracelet, but other than that is a normal two year old- tantrums and all. Which- I'm working on. I had it in my head that her medication was affecting her mood and causing this wretched behavior, but the neurologist gently let me know that no, she's a strong willed two year old with a mommy who feels sorry for her. Yep, she hit it dead on. I think that's a blog post all on it's own.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dreams Come True

There's a place

where memories last a lifetime,

and dreams really do come true.

A little girl can become a princess,

and be invited to the castle for a lunch date.

A little boy can drive a car alongside his puppy,

and meet a friend from morning tv.

A baby girl can eat allergy-free waffles made by Chef Mickey,

and meet an old friend.

Sisters bond on a magic carpet ride

and have a casual chat with Tink.

A mommy can live her childhood dream 

in a place that has forever stolen her heart.

There's also a place

where a dolphin plays and talks to your children in a miraculous moment that will not easily be forgotten.

In this life,

we are never promised tomorrow...

so moments like this one,

and this one,

are made all the more precious.

So thanks for the memories, Mickey and Shamu!
I am a very blessed girl.