Monday, April 21, 2014

Field Trips

One of the best parts of homeschooling is all of the field trips that we have time to take. We're members of a zoo and aquarium, as well as museums in both our state and a neighboring state to the north. Last fall, I set up a field trip to our local fire station and police station. It was originally planned in August for the first unit of Weaver, but had to be rescheduled when the kids woke up with pink eye. 

Fire station- every little boy's dream. My nephew asked about 10,000 questions that day. He's as cute as a button.


Police station- getting booked in. (Is that what they call it?)

Trying out the handcuffs. Pushed the thought of germs far out of my brain.

We took a two day art class called "How Great Thou Art" by Berry Stebbing. It's seems unreal that he was able to teach around 100 students of all ages at the same time- but he did! And he did it well. I bought some of his art curriculum, and the kids love it.

This field trip was to our state museum. My husband grew up in the state capital city, and we lived there for six years after getting married. Some of the cousins came along for this one.

The kids filled out a treasure hunt map while walking through the museum. I can't believe we never visited in the six years we lived here! I can't wait until we study state history. This museum is amazing.

Inside the Governor's office.

Our beautiful Capital building.

Not exactly a field trip, but there was a quick ski weekend in December, thanks to my in-laws. Our baby girl went to ski school, and she was awesome! Her cousins called her the Pink Blur. 

Back home, we watched my cousin's dog star as Toto in a local production of The Wizard of Oz.

 I love spending so much time together as a family. Field trips are the best! 

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