Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Weaver Volume One Chapter 6: Famine and Water Cycle

We started Chapter 6 of Weaver just before Thanksgiving. The timing around that particular holiday was good, because one of the main topics included world famines, past and present. The life application continually reinforced was that we are to become personally involved with famine.

Social studies included the most common causes of famines, as well as the importance of access to clean water. We researched parts of the world that don't have clean water sources, and the struggles that they face. In Bible lessons, we discussed the first famine recorded in Genesis 12.

In science, we covered the Earth's water cycle, clouds, and oceans. There were also several creative writing topics revolving around our Weaver unit, including one where they imagined their life without clean water. One Saturday I took the girls to distribute bread and hugs to the local community where we volunteer. I'm very protective of their safety, while also showing them that there are urgent needs not far from their own home.

Other subjects outside of Weaver are still going well. We switched up some curriculum in October, and so far, the switches have been positive.

Thanksgiving dinner. So. very. blessed.

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